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I blame the Proclaimers I really do. I will be riding a bicycle from east coast to west coast for a few reasons:

1. To prove things to my wife and my love.

2. To take back my health and to lose the pounds I have collected over the years.

3. I was 567 pounds when I started, I got below 480 during the process. i've had success and failures but i will not give up. I've had an especially rough time for the last year and gained back plus more Topping at 600. I'm ashamed and FIGHTING again to overcome and finally beat this, and i will. 

4. I will be blogging and video blogging the whole trip and interviewing people along the way.

5. I will be doing cool things seeing cool places and meeting cool people. Rebuilding my soul and EXPERIENCING everything along with riding my bicycle.

6. After I complete my trip I will write a book on the experience. 

For now the journey is unfolding at home with medical intervention and hormone therapy, working with a trainer and therapy. Once medically released I will start my trip over and attempt the whole trip again. 

at this point i am trying to self fund the trip with sponsors and sales of our products on this page, personal funds from work and the occasional donation. All funds are used for the process WHETHER its a hotel to a tire to medicine, whatever is needed for the goal.   

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