What a day so far.

Now that we got last night out of the way we will focus on positive things. We will move forward and join together to change and grow. I welcome some back who we consider trolls. Everyone deserves a second chance.

I am at the bariatric doctor with my wife she is working towards her surgury. I decided to get weighed on their scale. The news i got left me in tears and thoughts of complete failure. But i will only be a failure if i let it beat me.

As i said before i am a food addict. I am starting my journey at this  weight at the bariatric center, and i am ashamed. 596.27 is my starting point for part Deux. But with the support of my family, my wife and all of you out there, i will lose this weight. Sure i said losing the weight is secondary to me finishing, but after seeing that number, its now number one priority.


Short ride preparing to return.

Short ride preparing to return.

Had some things I had to take care of today, I do tomorrow too. But,  no matter what I'll find time to ride. I think I'm about ready to ride south. I'll spend a few more days riding then I'll load up my trailer and do a  few days with it. I figure if I can do 3 to 5 miles in a short time i can do that several times a day with a break in between each 5 mile segment I'll have pretty good miles. I'm doing a more popular 3 on 1 off for my rides so i can recover and have more productive 3 day rides. Anyway i'm off for the night see ya tomorrow

Check out my ride on Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/1233742579/shareable_images/map_based?hl=en-US&v=1508194105


Medical Mystery

What a week i had.

Over the last few weeks it's been harder and harder to get around. I would walk a few steps and I felt like I had biked all day. I would have to take a lot of breaks. I wasnt sleeping well, I was foggy in my head. It took so much effort to do anything. It got to a point I could barely ride a mile. I knew i had gained weight and I was thinking "how could I be back to where I was 2 years ago physically even though I ate better, exercised regularly, and changed a lot in my life?" I was worried and thought to myself I have to get on the ball I have to get out there and bust my rear until I felt like I did a year ago. I can't let this happen to me.

I've been putting in a lot of work restoring the RV lately. More cosmetic things and some upgrades I decided to do since I had a little more time than expected before heading back out. (Hopefully At the end of August maybe September fingers crossed)
They rv is looking great by the way, I can't wait to show the work my dad and I have been doing, but anyway, earlier this week I had been working on the exterior of the rv, and I am worn out, it's hot, my muscles feel like I've just finished a 30 mile ride. I go inside to cool down and as I'm in the kitchen, I get really weak and pass out. BAM! I'm on the floor looking up at the ceiling. I have no idea what's up. I manage to get back to my feet and go sit for a bit. My wife and my mom come in and I tell them what happened. They are not happy with me. They send me to the Dr.  

While at the doctor I tell them what's wrong, they do an EKG. My wife tells them about my slurred speech and my excessive swelling in my legs. They tell me my EKG is funky but my blood work and physical exam is all on point, but they want me to have a stress test. So they set me up with an appointment to see a heart specialist later that week, but suggest I go to Methodist Hospital to get it done sooner. So they cut me loose and I head home. The next day, I wake up and the world is spinning I go to the bathroom and I have blood in my urine and pain. This kinda freaks me out so my wife drags me to Methodist. They check me out yelling at me saying I'm obese and it's a heart problem, it's my sleep apnea since I don't use a mask, and I'm a smoker. I'm going to die and I need a stress test. The EKG comes out a little off again but all other tests come out ok. They Do a Ct scan and no stroke. Run a few other tests and no heart problems they could see without a stress test. So they offer to give me a stress test and admit me. So I tell them I have one scheduled for the next day. So they cut me loose. I go home, ordered to rest until a heart doctor releases me. I go to my heart doctor to get the stress test and all it was is a exam to decide what kind of test to give me. Grrr! So no test until the 25th. So I go home. I tell my wife and my mom, my mom is an RN btw. They are not happy about the wait. So that night I take my meds as usual. As I'm taking them I think back to a question by one of my doctors. They asked, has anything changed recently, and it hits me. I just started a different muscle relaxer, cyclobenzeprene. I look it up and I'm hit with the side effects. Most of my problems are on that list. I've been taking the new med for a little over 2 weeks, could that be it? So the next morning I wake of feeling like crap still peeing blood, no energy, worn out, head spinning, world's  foggy, swollen like crazy. So they send me back to Methodist, they want me to get checked for kidney stones and a stress test. So I'm back in the emergency room in the hallway in a bed. They parked me in front of the door button so my wife has to push the button for like 7 hours so people don't have to lay down over me to hit the button since most people forget the doors work manually too. Anyway same story, I'm fat, I smoke, sleep apnea, blah blah. They keep saying, "so I hear you are short of breath" and every time I tell the. No! I'm not, I just feel worn out and worn down and the rest of my symptoms. I also tell them about the new meds and my thoughts on it. They don't really listen. They admit me, I'm there all day and all night I'm not allowed to drink anything or eat anything. I was so dry and grumpy.  I also find out i am right back where I started my journey at 567. Not happy to begin with And  now even more hangry because I knew I had to loose that all again, asap. Anyway the next morning they get me in the room for an echo and the chemical stress test. They are having a hard time with the echo because, fat ya know. Anyway, the doctor said the test will be useless but do it anyway and they will do a heart Cath later that day because a guy that fat is gonna have problems. So we start the test and I freak a bit because my heart is jumping and it's making me panic and feel like I would vomit as a guy is pressing a wand as hard as he can against me so, they stop the test and end the EKG or whatever the stress test thing is called. They bring me down with the meds and I calm down only to be told again I will be scheduled for a Cath and most likely get an angioplasty because hey, I'm a fat smoker. They get me back to my room and shortly after 2 cardiologists come in and say, "so, we heard you are out of breath" I say not for god sakes no and I keep telling everyone that. So they said start from the beginning, so I tell them all of it. After our talk they go to check out all my test results and everything i told them and soon return. They told me I do not need a stress test. They said all my tests show no sign of heart problems it shows I'm pretty healthy actually and I should stop my muscle relaxer asap as the side effects are making my life hell. They said I most likely passed a stone and tore as it came out.  They told me to rest this week no exercising, yard work etc. They then say go ride that bike and they hope to see me in California because they cleared me to continue since all my labs were so remarkably good. My EKG and stress test that they did showed a healthy heart. They said get out there and get it done. They were confident and so am i that the weight will come off again as I ramp up my riding over the next few weeks. So I am excited to have found the reason why I've felt so crappy and happy that my heart is ready to continue. More updates soon! I will keep you posted and I will be posting to Strava when my rest period per my cardiologist is over.


Well, we are here in Florida. After much discussion and research, and listening to advice that was given, we have headed south to ride the southern tier. Let me tell you, that was a really tough decision. I wanted to do it my way, to keep plugging away, but things were making that very hard to do. People really wanted me to listen and make a change. I'm pretty stubborn sometimes. This is all about change, so I listened. We took off from PA and headed to Florida. This coming week we are rolling from St Augustine, and headed west. We stopped off in Port Charlotte to visit family that really needed us to visit and we needed to visit. Then we are headed back up to the launch point. We've been working hard on changes in our lives with health, and nutrition, and smoking cessation. That is the hardest part for me, quitting smoking. Harder than anything I've done in life. I am getting it done, I have some days that are better than others, but I will beat this. 

Living simple isn't easy either some days. Trying to find healthy foods, and not having a fridge to keep things in, some days having to eat canned food or not having enough funds on hand and you fall into old habits aND eat what's easy. We try to avoid that, and we make mistakes. We are using myfitnesspal now to track our intake publicly so we are held accountable and to try to help others with our mistakes and triumphs. This will be a long road, but it will be worth it in the end. For some of you, you will be happy to know I am now using Strava now and I may upgrade it to record more data once more funds are available. This trip has been a joy, but very hard. I love spending time with my wife and she is my heart and world. This trip will make us stronger as a couple and allow us to face anything that comes our way. Thank you for supporting us and keeping us moving in the right direction, I'm sorry it takes time to get past my stubbornness sometimes. 

Make sure you check Facebook for the daily updates, and instagram for the extra pictures. Shirts are coming soon, we have a few shared on the Facebook page, but that's a work in progress. Again thank you for supporting the ride and clicking the LIKE button and the support the ride link. God bless you all and be looking for me on the southern tier!

My route, though, I may deviate at New Roads and head through Arkansas then picking up the route 66 route. I also plan to add Vegas, Roswell, and the Grand Canyon 

My route, though, I may deviate at New Roads and head through Arkansas then picking up the route 66 route. I also plan to add Vegas, Roswell, and the Grand Canyon 

Getting the pages organized.

Well, it's been a while. Things have kept me pretty busy, I made it through CT, NY, and I'm working my way through NJ. NYC was a blast my wife and I rode our bikes all over the city and saw many cool sites. Riding in such a large city was crazy, but fun.

I finally got to visit the headquarters of GT ad  Cannondale it was really cool. I got to see some really nice bikes and took a few pictures and they even tuned my bike a bit. While in Wilton CT I camped behind Outdoor Sports Center and while in the area I did my first 20 mile day. Be looking for photos on my Facebook page to see pictures of the flag they gave me! 

We set the visit to run the steps like Rocky in Philly for the 14th of October. We will be posting the times on the Fat guy page on Facebook soon. It will most likely be in the morning around 9 or 10 am. I'm hoping to see a lot of you there to join me going up the steps. 

Right now we are in Newark area headed towards Philly, it's my birthday today and a hurricane is coming they say so we are considering a hotel as a base for the weekend so I can ride my route then take the support car back to the room for the night. That way I can still ride my route and not miss a single mile but not have to be on the lookout for a place to camp or stay. Good news is I'll be out of the heavily populated areas soon which will make is much easier to find camping. 

I am currently talking with few cyclists to learn how to better track my trip so that more info is available for all of you, so that you can see more of what I go through even the ups and downs. I'll be posting more blogs here too. Reorganization on the media side is a chore, but I think I will have it worked out soon. I will post more pics on this site too, but the same pics will be on Facebook and Instagram. But again for the most up to date info, check the Facebook page for Fat Guy Across America. 


Keep riding everyone and keep moving forward, every step counts every pedal counts. Just try to add more daily. 

Also a big thank you to all of my supporters, without you, I would be lost sometimes, and in would have never gotten this far. I will keep heading west, but expect me to do and see some really cool things and places and meet some really cool people and I will tell you all about it here!

The aftermath

Well, here is a catch up, things have been crazy, I haven't abandoned the site or the ride, it has just become more complicated in my life. With all the media attention, it made it really hard to make progress, there was the week I was in Tiverton when I waited for the delivery of the bike from Newport Bicycle and it is a great bike, it's a GT with downhill rims and street tires. I got taken out on the Saturday that following week and rode with a group and on my first go without my trailer I was able to get 5 miles in one hour. I was shocked. That trailer was a major hold back. 

I got a lot of advice from cyclists around ther world, so when I rode into Middletown RI I took the time to plan, and regear. I also trained on my new bicycle so I could handle it much safer. I got a lot more organized and tried to squeeze in all the media that week so I could concentrate on riding more. So after a week of doing that I flew my wife in and got her a bicycle and geared up then rode around Newport RI to get her ready, my goal was to also cover the miles I would lose with the ride across the 2 bridges I was not allowed to ride on. 

On our first day out together I got almost 9 miles. At the 9th mile my cart fell apart never to roll again. It was done. So we went and bought two, trailers, our new friend Sharon took us to Walmart so I could buy a pair to split the load. The next day we headed out and went to bike shop to modify for trailers and get my brakes adjusted. By the end of the day we rode over 12 miles and made is to Charlestown with fellow riders Sharon and Kathleen. We stayed in a little hotel that night called Phil and Anns. 

We had to stay another night due to storms then rolled out the next morning, about 2 miles into the ride Angie my wife passed out from the heat and got taken to the er and treated for heatstroke and a panic attack. The doctor suggested a few days rest for her. She later announced to the world about her agoraphobia and anxiety disorder and her battles to overcome, which made her a hero in my book for even trying. But I knew we had to figure out something. At this point of her riding she is very new and afraid of cars. So we decided for safety and to speed me up to find a support car she could drive while I rode. She would be able to haul the gear and I could make real distance without the trailers. So we started making calls and had to move down the street to the General Staunton inn. Nice little place, even got to watch the groundhogs. As we were waiting on the car for her we headed up to the Cove to sing karaoke and relieve our stress. It was a really fun night. We then left for Burlingame State park where is it much much cheaper. And we have been riding every day to train a d even swimming and working on this car it's slow going. Hoping get it soon we have a few leads and we hope to get it very very soon. I want to get 25 miles in 1 day so bad, and I think I can do it without a trailer. 

The media a some local people are setting up a big deal for when I cross into CT and I hope to give them a day we are crossing to day or tomorrow. And we hope the car comes in because Angie is just not ready to haul a trailer. It also looks like bad weather rolling in too. Delays everywhere, but I won't give up. Don't forget to check out FatguyacrossAmerica on Facebook because that is where I do my daily updates. Here, I write my journal which is not daily and you can keep better track of my location and activities there. Thank you so much for your patience and I won't let you down.


Catch up and set the record straight.

Hiya folks, been a little bit. I had issues with my laptop and made it hard to get an entry in. So first off, I need to say a few things.

About Angie, my wife, you seem to misunderstand the situation, and have painted her in a bad light on the internet. So, I want to correct you. Actually, need to, because you are hurting the love of my life because you can't be bothered to read all the posts, or you see a news story and only hear a snippet of what is going on.

My wife and I separated last July for many reasons, money, issues at home etc. both of us were pains in the rear. I was a slob, borderline hoarder that was so over weight and unhealthy, I could not hold or get a job. I tried but, It would just not happen. So instead of working to get healthy, I tried to start businesses at the cost of my parents and eventually my father n law. I got sicker, grew depressed, kept secrets about money and kept things from her. I tried, but not as hard as I should. I should have tried to get healthy but I didn't, I sat there and did nothing. I just let life slip by. I had issues, it was really hard to be my wife let me tell you. I tried to tell myself I was doing my best, but I wasn't. I still did stupid things and made messes and wore shoes inside and spilled drinks etc, etc.

She put up with me forever. Then we started dealing with her families bar, which i had talked my father n law to buy on the cheap. yeah I screwed that up too. I really tried, but my pride stopped me from asking for the help I needed, I loved my wife very much and didn't want her to know how bad a screw up I was, so I left things out. it tore me up. Sure she had issues too, but what people don't? She let me be a jerk for a long time But when it got too much to bear, is when I got lazy and obnoxious, and stopped caring about my looks and health, she had enough, I mean she gave me many chances for straightening up. I didn't. So finally she felt she had to end it to save herself from more heartache and from being a widow again. She needed to protect herself. And I needed that wake up call. So when I moved out we saw other people, we searched for our souls our lives, our motivations. I found my drive, my trip, my chance to change my future, to build my life back and be the man she married. To show her how much I love her, that I would cross any mountain, overcome anything. I told her my plan to win her back. But as I was always a dreamer, it was looked at as an story. 

Well, I started what I said I would do, I left I went on my trip, two weeks in, she realized I had gone. She said, "you are really on the Vineyard? " I said  "yeah, I told you I had to change my life to change my future and build to prove that I really adore you." She said that was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done. So that day I had my Angie back, but, I still had to do the work I promised unlike time in and time out in the past. So our relationship grew again, we found each other, we found our love. She came to visit me and it was the best time of my life. As as she went back home after the visit I dreamed of the day I would reach my goal and be able to come back home to her and hold her again. So I fought, and I rode where I got to Tiverton RI where my world came crashing, or so I thought. Long story short, I fight for my wife out of love. We all have our issues. Most of mine can be solved by losing weight and finding my soul again. But every day followers rip it out again and again by calling my wife names and saying things that are not nice because they are jerks. I was not left because I was fat, it was because I was a jerk and lazy. But I am fighting to change that. We are together again, long before things blew up. She was with me before all of his happened. She came back because I worked my ass off and showed her how much I loved her. So stop your guessing games and blame game because I love this woman and you are hurting my WIFE.  You were too lazy to read all of my posts. So give her a break and put blame where blame is due.

If I  see any comments like that here, I'm gonna be ticked. I just want to ride and get to cali, and be with my wife.

My wife will be joining me soon so my life will be complete again and we can heal together. 

More to come but I need rest tonight. 


Follow up from New Bedford

Well, im trying to catch up a little and get us current. After my repair of my rims from my post from earlier, I made my way to New Bedford. As I crossed the bridge I went along the sidewalk along with traffic. Got all the way to the end and it was a dead end other than stairs heading down. Oops. So I peddled back and got across the road at the now closed gas station. I made my way down the sidewalk and came out at the pier. What a beautiful area. I took in some of the sites and started riding up the cobblestone. I took a break outside the whaling museum. Watched some folks taking pictures with the whale tale sculpture. I then started to make my way to where I thought Yesteryear Cyclery was, well, I mapped it wrong and it was not where expected. Which was bad for me as I was turning the corner my front rim went wonky, and I mean bad. Pictures of that incident are on instagram. Anyway I tried to make some calls but had no luck at all. I could not ride. So I drug my bike and trailer down the road until I found a bench. There I thought for a while. So I took off my front rim and started smacking it on the ground, it actually started to straighten. After some work I managed to get it straight enough to roll again! Woot woot! 

On the road again I made my way down state road 6 and I rolled into Dartmouth. Nice place, cops stopped by again, a kind soul saw me sitting on a curb and thought they should call them because I MUST be having a heart attack lol. Anyway I told them I was just taking a break. I started up the hill and down the road where it started to get dark. My battery was low, so I stopped in a Dunkin Donuts and got me a bottle not water and a poweraide. Not donuts, I don't usually ever eat there. Just rehydrate and charge, I mean, free wifi and power, and a bathroom. It's a great thing. 

After I left and was charged I found a church nearby and camped in the back. I knew my parents an my wife were on the way to visit me so I was very excited. That night, my tent was stalked by a strange animal, not a coyote, not a dog, not a fox. It had a big bushy long tail, it sounded like it was trying to clear a hairball, but bark too. I also hear strange screams in the woods. It did not want me there, so I zipped up my tent and tried to ignore it. I survived the night by rest was sketchy. So I packed my gear again and got back out on the road knowing wife and parents would be meeting me about 7 miles UP the road. But I will tell you about that visit tomorrow! Now, it's time to sleep. We will get caught up soon, I promise. And I will keep moving forward no matter what. I may hang out a few days in some places, by my eyes are on the prize. I'll get there. 


Wibbly wobbly lost the diamond, again.

So, I went and visited a great resturaunt on July 5th it was called the Gateway Tavern, I had their pupu platter, wings, mozz sticks, boneless wings and tater skins, it was very good, for my main I had Kobe Beef burger for the first time, it was a good burger you need to try one sometime. For dessert I had a cappuccino and a lemon berry mascarpone cake. It was fire let me tell you. The atmosphere was great and it really filled me up. I had enough left over for dinner later that night. Someday I will have to go back. And the waitress was great, take care of waitresses there they will treat you right.

so after the good god I headed out, rode a good while made it to Marion just plugging away. Found a place behind the Baptist church there, now, my zipper busted on my rain screen and my screen door. I had to try to sew it closed, and my needle broke too. Soni managed to closet it with carpet tape, it worked ok. Made it to bed though, that was good. 

So, I got up, headed out of town, it was a hot one, so I stopped at Dunkin Donuts to coffee up and charge all my gear. Thank goodness for DD. While I was there I met a cool guy that works at a bariatric center and we had a nice conversation we took a pic and he posted it on my page. As I was outside doing work on my bike a really cool guy came up asking about what I was doing. After out talk he went in for his DD and came back with some energy water for me. I keep.meeting really nice folks. 

I headed back down the road, stopped at a bar, got a cold water met a 91 year old woman that owned the bar, she likes to have jazz bands there it was an interesting bar for sure.

As made it down the road, I was looking for a place to crash, riding and riding no luck, so I just kept pushing until late into the night, and I was able to reach the bike path, meaning I was getting close to new bedford. Woot woot. So I just tossed my tent on the side of the path, doctored my tent again as its falling apart, this time though I found out a pole broke. Yay another problem lol so I taped it up and made it work. So I'm in the tent, sliding down the hill, as there was no flat land, unable to sleep, finally early in the morning I start to doze off. I finally fall asleep and then I hear "can you please step out of the tent. Looks like you have set up a home here eh?" Well, it was the police. So I crawl out of the tent with my ID and try to speak coherently as I was very tired and had to get my mouth and mind working. So I manage to tell my story and get it across. They were much happier after that and told me to go back to sleep. Well, they took off and it was too late, I wasn't going to sleep. So I packed up and headed down the path. I make it down a mile, I'm exausted. My back hurts, my ankle is swollen. I look at my map and see a really cheap motel only .03 miles from where I was. So I decided it was a sign, so I got things arranged and headed up the road to check in. And that was a start to the rough day.

I make it to where the gps told me to go to be at the motel. It was not there. My phone is almost dead, so I figure it's got to me right down the road, so I keep heading forward.

I see a few guys and I ask them where the motel is, they tell me 1 mile, I say heck I'm tired, but I can do that. So I head forward on rt 6. Nope, no motel, so I ask somewhere else, they tell me it's 1.5 miles still. I keep riding. Still no motel lol. I stop in to get a drink and ask another person they say it's another mile. I say that seems to be a reoccurring theme. But, I head out, so far I had ridden 5 miles instead of .03. No motel yet. 

I pull over to take a breather and charge my phone as it had just died. I reach for my bag, I am so worn out by this point. Anyway, the bag was not there. My eyes got big, my life flashed before my eyes. All my charging gear, some of my meds, and the love of my life's my wifes engagement ring, yep the same ring I lost before.  My heart was broken. But I wasn't going to give up. I turned right back around and started back up hill and retraced 2 of the miles I just covered. I saw a flower nursury, so I stopped in and asked if they could call the police to see if anyone had turned the bag in. Apparently I looked really really rough, as I was waiting the cops and the ambulance showed up. Lol so the officer took off to look for my bag, and the ambulance guys made me get in and get vitals. So embarrassed. But the gave me water and cooled me down until I spoke English properly again really nice guys at Fairhaven fire dept and ems. As we were chilling in the ambulance the officer returned, no bag, I was freaking out. She told me where she looked and I told her where I had been, so she agreed to go back out. After a while she returned, bag In hand, she found it almost at the beginning of where I started, out of her jurisdiction. I was so thankful, she was the bomb. She saved me soul, my life and saved me from telling my wife I lost the ring, because I was supposed to have sent it home already. Her name was Officer Cannon. She rocks let tell you. So they cut me loose and told me to get to that motel and get a rest.

I peddled down the road, covered that 2 miles again, stopped at a DD got a cold drink and set back out, less than a half mile away was my destination, even a walmart. But, my bike was acting weird. All wobbly. But made it. I was at the motel. I got checked in and cooled off. I checked my bike, both rims all kinds of wibbly wobbly not good at all. So, I called my wife and told her the story. She said I can never pick on her for losing her ring again because I had caught up to her. But she was proud of what I am doing and it made me feel so accomplished. My cousin Jerry sent me what I needed to get a new tent, I got dinner and went to bed. 

Today, I stayed at the hotel due to storms tonight and trying to repair my rims, that's not working out too well, im going to try to work something out with a bike shop in the morning. So wish me luck, I hope I can fix them. 

So you know, my coach will be managing my www.fatguyacrossamerica.com page adding my pics and such, sometimes he will update a few things in the journal but will make sure he signs it as coach Chad Ryg so you will not be confused. He is working on updating maps and stuff for me so you know exactly where I am and how I'm doing if I'm slacking. 

If all works out, I will get to see my parents and my wife in a few days, I can't tell you how excited I am. It's going to be such a mental boost for me. So excited. Anyway, if you see Fairhaven, Police, emt, or Firemen, give them a handshake, high 5, fist bump, or even coffee and tell them how great they are. On my trip I have met a bunch of police and other service people, and they have all so far been great! So a salute to them!






My Progress Thus Far

My Progress Thus Far

Making Progress One Mile and One Day at a Time!
Thanks Massachusetts!

4th of July

On the road to Dartmouth I'm getting there, I should make it to the trail that leads to New Bedford late tomorrow. From there it will put me on a direct path to Dartmouth. I look forward to Planet Fitness, I get a shower, and a massage, yay! I will also hit Walmart and Dicks Sporting Goods, my cousin Jerry is getting me a real tent that will actually keep me dry. 

Yesterday I met some great people at the pawn shop,  Gateway Gold and Pawn, they invited me in for pizza and a cold drink, unfortunately they didn't have any acoustic guitars, bummer. They were very nice folks, hopefully I'll get back there someday. The night before I met some young gentlemen at Golf Shots Driving Range and they let me camp out back. I had a great conversation with them. I also met a cyclist that told me more about stealth camping and differnt types of foods to get for the road that take less room. Really cool guy and I wish him luck on his trip.

Now one of my sponsors Barry, of Charles River Apparel out of Falmouth Massachusetts told me to check in with Soft as a Grape screen printing, well I found them, but no one was there so I popped up my tent and spent the night, the next day, which is today the 4th of July Independence day, they were here bright and early gave me coffee and a great conversation and said I could stay overnight to beat the rain and the possible heavy traffic due to the holiday, they even let me pick out a hat. They said I could crab a few things else but I didn't want to be greedy So I was happy with a hat, who knows maybe we can get some fat guy across america shirts and hats made there. So I'm in my tent, preparing for the ride tomorrow, I am going to try to break 10 miles plus tomorrow. I reorganized my gear again into consolidated containers to speed things up. So maybe I can get an early start. 

So folks, get out there, ride a bike, walk a mile, exercise, we can change the world together, and feel free to mass email and call the discovery  channel, ellen, and the travel channel, on my behalf lol. 

Night folks, going to hit the sak early. 

Almost forgot, I challenged my brothers at the man cave to pull a 300 pound cart 5 miles on their bicycles, let see if any of them do it! And everyone thank you for your donations, they really do help me get by during my learning stages. I can ride so much farther now without stopping for air or to get my legs to stop burning, I'll be getting good milage in no time!


500 miles as in the song

I thought I should clarify, 500 miles is my theme song, it keeps me going, I'm not that distance yet, but I will be, eventually. 

I had a great weekend, I got to go to church at the Emanuel Church in Wareham Ma. Great people, and very nice. I even got to attend bible study. It was very uplifting. The pastor and his wife were the best, they fed me a meal and welcomed me into the church. The pastor gave me a lift to the hardware store so I could pick up supplies to repair and modify my trailer, he even loaned me some tools. The pastors wife who is also the music director did my laundry and even took time to have several conversations and even help me route some of my trip. I look forward to visiting again.  


I spent a few days in a motel due to issues at Walmart getting new shoes and to wait out the thunderstorms. That was great, it felt like a 5 star hotel even though it was clearly a negative 1 star lol. It's the little things. I was able to talk to my wife and she was so supportive and give me courage to keep moving forward. My parents have been a tremendous help emotionally and financially. I love them so much they just can't be beat. I'm on the road today, sore from sleeping in a real bed lol. Butt muscles are cramping from a day of no riding, but the will loosen up. Heading to fairhaven and then to Dartmouth. A friend has called ahead to try to find me a safe place to camp. 

I thank everyone for their support financially and verbally. I know it's not cheap making this trip, but when finished it w'll change my life and help me to become healthy. I hope to change other lives in the process too. My shakeology has been a great help, so make,sure you check that stuff out. It helps give me the nutrients to carry on. Charles River Apparel in FALMOUTH  has contacted me and are sending me rain gear and a donation to help me along the way. I can't wait to not be soaked anymore.

Please stop by my support the ride page. I need all the help I can get.  

I leave you with the song that inspires me and inspired the trip.  Enjoy and get inspired yourself. 


Self doubt

I'm into my journey, I'm at Wareham Massachusetts, home of lots of great people, but, also home to a huge homeless and drug problem. Not all of them are like that, in fact a lot of them are just families that are desperate and have no other choice. But the ones I worry about tonight are the ones I've been warned about by everyone I've  met here, the junkies, the thieves. I got into town late as usual, I really need to work on my timing. See when I get to an area late it's hard to connect with people and find places to camp and sleep that are safe or legal. Being that they have such a problem here, they are very standoffish when it comes to someone like me looking for a place to crash out for the night. When I got here, I met a guy Named Small Paul, had his own place, but not a place I could camp. He was generous and paid for my dinner. Now that happened twice today, once for lunch by a lovely group originally from Ohio, and one some was a priest, the other goes to Notre Dame, very nice people. I met another nice couple too that handed me little bit of cash too that was very nice. I was able to but a folding chair, oh I have missed chairs. Now small Paul was a nice guy too but unable to help me with a place to crash, but he did buy me dinner. Now I have to be careful anyway, and I'm learning, but still pretty new to this. Its days like this I wish I had a support team following me. But that just is not possible at this time. So I'm alone out here looking for a place, a safe place, and I get thinking a lot and parts of me scream "What are you doing? Go home you idiot!"  But I know I'm not going to do that, but it still makes me feel like I'm never going to make it home, or hit my goal, or that I will fail and be a laughing stock and loose what I hold so dear. But, the rest of me tells myself, buck up, you can do this, listen to your song again, look at a picture of why you want to do this so bad, think of the weight you will lose and how your life will change. You can make them all proud, keep fighting. That always comes out on top, but there is always that doubt, that worry that I am just not man enough, not strong enough, then I climb another hill, ride another mile. 

What I would not give for a wekend in a hotel or just a safe place that I can sleep in and not have to sneak out at 7 am or leave at 11. Heck it would be wonderful to sleep as long as I want recharge, and get back out there. Dreams right now they are just dreams but I'll get that, I'll get to that point. I can do this. I can change me, change my situation, and change a small part of the world if I can just keep trucking. One step, one hill, one more mile. I can't wait to get back to Indiana go karaoke with all of you recharge and get back out there for the rest of my journey. I was feeling homeless last night, but someone I love told me, you are not homeless, I am your home. And that meant so much to me. It made my heart sing. Anyway kinda touchy Feely today and I'm sorry, I'm just in a place that is no ideal for my quest and needed to express myself a little. I'll be stronger tomorrow. I promise. I be rolling into Dartmouth before I know it, the on to Philly where I hope to see some friends and loved ones as I run the steps rocky ran. Should be fun! Hopefully somebody will play the Rocky theme and eye of the Tiger as I do it.

 I'm freezing at this point, and I really need to go find a place to crash. So I'm off to find it so I'm signing off for now. 


Goodnight everyone! 




It has begun

Well, I have started, I am no longer on the vineyard. I have left the island to start making headway on the trip. 

I left the ferry at Woods Hole after 7pm the other day. Stopped at Jimmy's for a sandwich since all I had ate in days was food I cooked on my camp stove. As I'm finishing my sandwich a news person asked me if I had been to certain places on the island at certain dates, I told her yes, I was at the airport laundry mat, so, on camera she told me, "Were you aware you had been exposed to the measles?" Well of course I told her no... I was not aware. She asked me if I had gotten measles shots as a child and I said well, no idea, I remember getting those types of shots, but I will have to ask my mom. Well, she asked if I was alarmed, and I told her I was more worried about Lyme disease as the island floats on a layer of ticks. She didn't find that funny. But seriously folks, ticks are crazy there. Stay out of the brush and you do ok, but it's a chore to constantly do tick checks let me tell ya. Anyway, I finish up with the news person and start making my way to my campgrounds about 5.5 miles away. Now at this point, I'm still slow as sin and I had already done 3 or 4 miles earlier In the day, so I got to my camp grounds late, too late to get a spot. So, I hunkered down on the steps of the camp office, found a coke machine and charged my gear up while I waited for 8 hours or so. Good start to my trip. I was worn out. Now the good thing is when 8 am rolled around, I was ready for bed, and I got the camp site until 11 am the next day so I got 27 hours out of the deal. Much better value for my money. So I got to my site, set up camp and went to bed, and boy it was hot, so not great rest. But then later that day it started to cool off, then, windy, then really dark, then all hell broke loose. Apparently Irish Mike had called the heavens while brazing his dragons for a new piece, as he brazed the heavens fell, along with rain, and lighting and mighty thunder, the wind was whipping and knocking over trees, all while in my tiny tent. I was lucky I'm heavy because at times I was afraid my tent would blow away with me in it. But what worried me more was my tent ripping, or a few trees would fall on me. As the storm went on, I got an alert on my phone to  watch out for severe thunderstorms.... a Lil late there fellas. Earlier that day I treated my tent with waterproofer thank goodness. So I didn't get too wet, at least not until I crawled out of my tent through the puddles surrounding my tent.  All in all, a little freaky, but I came through ok. So, I cleaned things up started packing my gear so I could get started. Then, I started sweating really bad, and freezing yet burning up at the same time. I started vomiting and felt very woozie and had to lay on my picnic table until I felt decent enough to finish packing, this all started about 10 am, well, I layed there several hours listening to chainsaws and such and finally got up and said, I can't afford another night I have to go. So I got up finished my packing and headed to the trail to leave the camp. When I got there there was a crew of guys removing fallen trees from the path. I had to wait 2 hours until I could leave, if I had known that I would have slept in. 

Once they had cleared the limbs and trees I was finally able to head out. Late in the day again..... So I made my way down the trail until it was too dark to see anymore. I found a little path off the trail and pitched my tent and hoped nobody would run me off, I was ready to sleep as I was sick all day. I finally fell asleep. I woke up about 6 am and packed up pretty quick as to not be discovered by someone that would care about me camping here.

 I spent the day today just taking it slow, little by little down the trail working on updates and charging my gear. I'll be off the bike path tomorrow, and will have to choose a road to get me north until I can head west. There is a bike shop at the end of the trail and I hope they might do me a solid and check my brakes for free as I cannot afford to pay for any work, and maybe guide me to my next stop so I don't get hit by any cars. Maybe someone will see this and feel sorry for me and get me a room at a motel so I can get a uninterrupted night of sleep and a shower or two and can wash my clothes lol doubtful but I can dream. The sea crest beach hotel or the beach rose inn are the closest I see, just saying lol. Anyway, time for bed in an undisclosed location hopefully until morning. More to come and don't forget to share, and visit the support my ride page! I need all the help in can get. Soon I will find a place to get shoes as the ones I am wearing have given themselves extra room from all the flintstoning braking I've been doing because of my brakes. Lol anyway good night all. Your dreams are at the top of the next hill, you just have to get up it one step at a time. 


The diamond ring.

Last night i met a fellow geek. I got to talk wih her for a few hours and was able to share all things whovian with her. I hope we get to talk again. We talked so long the front desknhad to remind us it was quite time at the hostel. So, i went up to bed and went to sleep.

Today I woke up ready to rock, ready to roll. I packed up my gear and started to get dressed for the day. I reached to adjust my necklace holding my most precious belonging on my trip, the symbol of my ultimate goal, as I adjusted the necklace snaps and falls to the floor. The ring, her ring, missing, nowhere to be found. My heart sank. I searched and searched, frantic. Retracing all of steps, my movements, nope. It was gone. I told the people at the hostel, and they came to my rescue to help find the ring. After searching and seraching, we found nothing. I was devistated. I left my info with the wonderful people at the front desk, and went to load my cart. As I preparing to leave I realized I can't find my phone charger. I can't leave without that. So I search and search, nothing, what a day. As I am searching I go through my clothes, one by one I pull them out. As I get to the last item, I hear a clank, it's the ring. My heart jumped for joy. I then immediately remember I put the charger in the pocket of my bag. The Lord made me lose my charger so I could find the ring. So once again my energy shoots up. I'm ready to roll, I set off on the road again. Along the bike path today I met quite a few people and once again they were Martha's best, all super nice, all caring and interested in my story. This island has been a joy. I love it. I see why people come back. I also met a gentleman today who is taking me to weigh in tomorrow and help me with protein drinks for my trip. I'll tell you all about that in tomorrow's blog. 

After riding today I felt tired but proud that I went over 8 miles today. Better everyday. I'm at my campground and ready for my weigh in tomorrow. So for now, it's time for sleep. Night all! Back to the mainland tomorrow. 

Irish Mike

Yesterday I was finally able to fulfill the reason I came to Martha's Vineyard in the first place. It exceeded my expectations. Mike and his family were exactly as I assumed they would be. Mike the good father, character, and fine artist, was enthusiastic and his sheer joy of doing his art and living his life rubs off on you. His work shows his love for it. Up close his swords were beautiful. Detail was amazing. His knowledge of the craft spot on, and if he doesn't know how to do it, he will rig something up. Our talk was everything from geekdom, travel, local arts, even some background on how things really were compared to the show versions. His wife Amelia and the kids were great and full of energy. Her parents were very nice also. They are exactly what I would expect from the people of the vineyard. Artistic, kind, and a little hippie. 

I would have loved spending a lot more time just hanging out, they were really my kind of people. And Mike was infectious, by the time you are done with him you are bouncing around and talking like him, can't be helped. 

So, for the first adventure on my trip, my first planned goal other than making it up the hill, it will, I'm sure be the most memorable. So if you every want a rockin' sword or huge weapon, or maybe even an decorative wood rack, find Mike aka MichaelCthulhu on youtube or Facebook send him a message and be patient, if you are he can do something amazing for you. If you want quick, then you had better get used to getting junk because it takes time to make a masterpiece. 

Below is a link to a small tour of his shop. 

Make sure you subscribe to both of us! 




The lazy song

Well, I woke up today I had finally got some rest. I got my things together since they were all wet and got a cab to the laundry mat. It's not cheating, I was brought back to my starting point. Anyway cabs are not cheap I soon found that out. 20 there, 20 back. Ouch. Laundry, 1 load, 15 bucks start to finish. It aint cheap on this island. So on my way back I stopped,at general store for $3 kraft mac n cheese and ground beef and a few other items normally about $15 in Indiana, here however it was $40. I love the island I do, but I have to get off it or I'm going to go broke! But I head out again Thursday. I was headed to see Irish Mike today but a reporter from the Vinyard Gazette called and asked if he could interview me. So I said yes, but reminded him I had only rode like 15 miles lol. He said that's ok it's a start and we want to follow from the beinning. It was pretty fun I got to tell him my story and geek out a bit. So, I will be getting up early to finally catch up with Irish Mike. The great part of the day though was a group of cyclists came to the hostel and made me eat their food so I didn't even have to cook my own dinner. I'm sure tomorrow's blog will be more eventful, but to me in was a great day of talking, relaxing, and meeting new people, and wrapping my mind around this journey. 

Rain rain go away.

Well as you know, I was praying for water, praying for a breeze and praying for rain. Well God answered my prayers this morning. Such a big suprise to be woken up in a puddle, drips on your head and clothing soaked. Guess who forgot to scotch guard his tent. This guy. Anyway I waited until sometime after noon, I'm guessing, my phone was dead as usual. The rain didn't stop, so, knowing I would have to find somewhere to charge.my phone I packed it all up and headed down the road. I found a place pretty quick and had the best orange juice I've ever had in my life a Fiddlehead farm. Met a nice older chap there and he extolled the virtues of gluten free and organic foods. I was so craving chicken nuggets after that by the way. Heck of a nice guy though, the kids working the counter had me stay until my phone was charged and I send a big thank you for that. Once my phone charged I was able to check my voicemails, well there was a message from a chipper sword welding Irishman wondering why I haven't shown up. Watch his show on the Discovery channel it's called "Big Giant Swords" also check him out on youtube and Facebook as MichaelChuthalu greatly entertaining and then you will understand why I had to come all the way to Martha's Vineyard to meet him and interview him for my book. 

That call made me get back out on the bike, in the rain and wind and up hill so I could get there. So I plugged away, felt like ten miles but it was only like 2 or 3 lol but all up hill, against the wind and raining the whole time. My rain poncho shredded within the first hour My shoes were soaked and squishy. Heck everything was wet including my sleeping bag and most of my spare clothes. I made it to the road I was looking for, 1 to meet Mike, and 2 to find the youth hostel. I rode and rode on it and it just kept going, by the time I hit the fire house I was ready to give, so I decided to pull up gps on phone and call the place to find it. Well, I was so pruned from the rain and taking time to take pictures with random people stopping to ask my story my fingerprints were in readable to my phone and I use that to unlock. So I was unable to even call or access anything. So I put on a glove to try to dry my finger out, then got riding again. It seemed like forever and I was ready to just give up and sleep in the rain again but I said 1 more hill, just one more, then the police drove by and honked pointing his finger "never give up" he says everytime he sees me. Anyway, I crested that hill and there it was, the hostel, not as scary as I thought, though I had to climb stairs lol. I was tired that was not fun. Well she told me the rooms were 35 a night and compared to the rest of the island, that was cheap, heck camping is almost 60! When she said that, I staid I would take 3 nights lol. I knew I needed rest and I'm in no hurry, plus Irish mike lives a mile away, and the church is like 2 miles. So perfect central local. So, I got back up to my room got my last 3 dry clothes not matching mind you lol and took a shower and did my tick check. I met a real cool musician named  Bob he was a cool cat. Trying to convert him into a whovian. The front desk lady was already knowing of whovian ways. I ate a half bowl of chicken noodle soup as my appetite is not very good at the moment. Then went to bed to write all this down. So, it is time to turn in and get some needed rest, until morning, the laundry mat I go.

First day bled into day 2

Yesterday I woke up, got ready to roll and started out at about noon, yeah I know slow moving, but I'm moving. I got to the ferry about 6 miles away at around 4 and waited for the 6pm launch. I think I was a little dehydrated and my blood sugar may have been low. So I hydrated, had a burger at Jimmy's then headed to the ferry. I met a young man, very well spoken young African teen. Who wants to change the world with boxing and GOD. He wants to live by example and show the world religion is good not the sin people are making it these days. He was obviously brought up a little Muslim and a little christian. He is making his own ideas who GOD is to him. Learning and following the 10 commandments are a great way to live your life. He was an inspiring kid and I enjoyed talking with him. 

During my ride I met many people all cheering me on wanting pictures wanting to hear my story. I enjoyed telling it.  

Well once I got to marthas vineyard, around 7:30, I headed toward West Tisbury, the road there was crazy, all up hill for miles. So steep I had to push my rig most of the way. By the time I got up that hill it was near 1 am. I was beat, I had nowhere to camp and the cops in the area informed me that it's illegal to sleep in public and would be arrested, they then said off the record, hide where no one can see you and be out by 5 am, so I did that, but the whole time I worried a different officer would come arrest me so I never got to sleep and I only had half a bottle of water left. So I packed up and headed back out at 4 am. I eventually made it down the road to a church around 6 am but it was not the church I was looking for so I moved on and found a Scottish bakery and had coffee and coconut water to rehydrate but I forgot to refill all my water, dumb move. I met a teacher an artist with a wave herding dog she says and a kid that has decided to become a musical engineer and I could tell he had it in him. He said he was moving to cali in Month. Good for him. His mother grew up in Terre Haute, imagine that. 

I headed out again with no sleep, severely dehydrated but I kept moving on slowly but inching forwad. Lots of breaks, it was getting to me bad and I was on a trail next to the road crying without tears at times because I was unable to produce them lol. So I kept plugging away, I just wanted to lie down and sleep but I knew it was not safe until I had water. So the smart guy I am, I called a cab, he took me to town I stocked up and he brought me back to my bike. SO after that I took a break to rehydrate, thought about sleeping but I didnt, I headed back out, met some more people, met an officer who took my picture and said rest when you need it and never give up, you can do this and he and the other cops were proud to meet me. He saw something I had around my neck and told me he knew why I was doing it and to never give up, fight the fight. So I got back on my bike and made my way into the first leg of town, and that leads to here, charging my phone, rehydration, and looking for a place to crash. So today will be over soon, I'm ready for a new day. 


Rocky road

Fun day today lots of sweat, lots of "I wish I would have brought, and I wish I wouldn't have brought" and a lot of "are you serious? It costs that much? In Indiana ......." lol yeah 1 night camping primitive, 28  bucks, so I paid a few more and got water and electric....which is like 50 feet from my site and I decided to not bring my extension cord because it's too heavy lol. Dad made me like 4 pounds of jerky for the trip, half just salted and peppered for putting in gravy or stews, anyway, I turned my back and a raven swooped down and took one of.my two bags. Reminded me of the montey python coconut scene lol, well it carried it away and managed with its buddies to empty the bag nicley in seconds, I guess they know how to use zip locks because the bag isn't damaged, just picked clean. So tonight there is a storm rolling in at 4 am and later in the day. So I have to decide, rise as fast as I can between storms, or pay for another night and wait it out here. I'll be pondering that over night. Well, time for bed I will update you more tomorrow, BTW did I mention I didn't bring my laptop charger either?