Well, it's been a while. Things have kept me pretty busy, I made it through CT, NY, and I'm working my way through NJ. NYC was a blast my wife and I rode our bikes all over the city and saw many cool sites. Riding in such a large city was crazy, but fun.

I finally got to visit the headquarters of GT ad  Cannondale it was really cool. I got to see some really nice bikes and took a few pictures and they even tuned my bike a bit. While in Wilton CT I camped behind Outdoor Sports Center and while in the area I did my first 20 mile day. Be looking for photos on my Facebook page to see pictures of the flag they gave me! 

We set the visit to run the steps like Rocky in Philly for the 14th of October. We will be posting the times on the Fat guy page on Facebook soon. It will most likely be in the morning around 9 or 10 am. I'm hoping to see a lot of you there to join me going up the steps. 

Right now we are in Newark area headed towards Philly, it's my birthday today and a hurricane is coming they say so we are considering a hotel as a base for the weekend so I can ride my route then take the support car back to the room for the night. That way I can still ride my route and not miss a single mile but not have to be on the lookout for a place to camp or stay. Good news is I'll be out of the heavily populated areas soon which will make is much easier to find camping. 

I am currently talking with few cyclists to learn how to better track my trip so that more info is available for all of you, so that you can see more of what I go through even the ups and downs. I'll be posting more blogs here too. Reorganization on the media side is a chore, but I think I will have it worked out soon. I will post more pics on this site too, but the same pics will be on Facebook and Instagram. But again for the most up to date info, check the Facebook page for Fat Guy Across America. 


Keep riding everyone and keep moving forward, every step counts every pedal counts. Just try to add more daily. 

Also a big thank you to all of my supporters, without you, I would be lost sometimes, and in would have never gotten this far. I will keep heading west, but expect me to do and see some really cool things and places and meet some really cool people and I will tell you all about it here!