Well feeling the burn today, but its mostly in my feet lol. They feel so bad, I think I need better shoes for my workouts. My body is a little sore but not bad considering so I am not complaining at all. But my feet, they are on fire. 

Anyway, gonna buy a bike thats a bit beefier for me as I weigh 550 pounds, the bike I have now, the tires will go flat as soon as I hit a bump. I'm getting a cheapo, and I am going to try to upgrade it with some of the parts of the bike I have now. We shall see. I wish I could afford a really good bike, but that just isnt going to happen at this point. I may be leaving on a bike and a dream but I will get it done. If I ride through your town, maybe you can buy me lunch after I hose down.


 See you tomorrow, back to working out. Today I was told I should rest as I needed to give my muscles time to rest if I want to build them quicker. I feel lazy doing it for its for my own good.