I got to work out today. It was great. I managed to do all the equipment and do both upper and lower in one visit to the gym. Now, I ran out of time and was unable to get the hydro massage, bummer, but thats ok. I got to do the important part. I almost had to skip the gym, someone I love dearly was in a car accident and I found out on the way to the gym. I was frantically trying to find out if she was ok. I did find out and she just had a few cuts and bruises. Car was totaled but she is ok just banged up a little. So i went ahead and worked out as this is what she would encourage me to do. I work hard on my change and my project every day so that I can get back someone I lost and things i've lost. I will make this happen. I thank you all for your continuing cheering and support. I hope that when I return after this trip we can have a huge party to celebrate the event. 

Anyway, off to bed, get ready to work in the morning and then hit the gym again. I hope my luck is changing its been horrible for a long time. Maybe i'm making my own luck now. I guess we will see. 

If you know my muse, my love, the person I am working so hard for, tell her I need her, and I love her, and I am going to act out the scene from "An Officer and a Gentleman" when I come a calling after this trip.