Fun day today lots of sweat, lots of "I wish I would have brought, and I wish I wouldn't have brought" and a lot of "are you serious? It costs that much? In Indiana ......." lol yeah 1 night camping primitive, 28  bucks, so I paid a few more and got water and electric....which is like 50 feet from my site and I decided to not bring my extension cord because it's too heavy lol. Dad made me like 4 pounds of jerky for the trip, half just salted and peppered for putting in gravy or stews, anyway, I turned my back and a raven swooped down and took one two bags. Reminded me of the montey python coconut scene lol, well it carried it away and managed with its buddies to empty the bag nicley in seconds, I guess they know how to use zip locks because the bag isn't damaged, just picked clean. So tonight there is a storm rolling in at 4 am and later in the day. So I have to decide, rise as fast as I can between storms, or pay for another night and wait it out here. I'll be pondering that over night. Well, time for bed I will update you more tomorrow, BTW did I mention I didn't bring my laptop charger either?