Yesterday I woke up, got ready to roll and started out at about noon, yeah I know slow moving, but I'm moving. I got to the ferry about 6 miles away at around 4 and waited for the 6pm launch. I think I was a little dehydrated and my blood sugar may have been low. So I hydrated, had a burger at Jimmy's then headed to the ferry. I met a young man, very well spoken young African teen. Who wants to change the world with boxing and GOD. He wants to live by example and show the world religion is good not the sin people are making it these days. He was obviously brought up a little Muslim and a little christian. He is making his own ideas who GOD is to him. Learning and following the 10 commandments are a great way to live your life. He was an inspiring kid and I enjoyed talking with him. 

During my ride I met many people all cheering me on wanting pictures wanting to hear my story. I enjoyed telling it.  

Well once I got to marthas vineyard, around 7:30, I headed toward West Tisbury, the road there was crazy, all up hill for miles. So steep I had to push my rig most of the way. By the time I got up that hill it was near 1 am. I was beat, I had nowhere to camp and the cops in the area informed me that it's illegal to sleep in public and would be arrested, they then said off the record, hide where no one can see you and be out by 5 am, so I did that, but the whole time I worried a different officer would come arrest me so I never got to sleep and I only had half a bottle of water left. So I packed up and headed back out at 4 am. I eventually made it down the road to a church around 6 am but it was not the church I was looking for so I moved on and found a Scottish bakery and had coffee and coconut water to rehydrate but I forgot to refill all my water, dumb move. I met a teacher an artist with a wave herding dog she says and a kid that has decided to become a musical engineer and I could tell he had it in him. He said he was moving to cali in Month. Good for him. His mother grew up in Terre Haute, imagine that. 

I headed out again with no sleep, severely dehydrated but I kept moving on slowly but inching forwad. Lots of breaks, it was getting to me bad and I was on a trail next to the road crying without tears at times because I was unable to produce them lol. So I kept plugging away, I just wanted to lie down and sleep but I knew it was not safe until I had water. So the smart guy I am, I called a cab, he took me to town I stocked up and he brought me back to my bike. SO after that I took a break to rehydrate, thought about sleeping but I didnt, I headed back out, met some more people, met an officer who took my picture and said rest when you need it and never give up, you can do this and he and the other cops were proud to meet me. He saw something I had around my neck and told me he knew why I was doing it and to never give up, fight the fight. So I got back on my bike and made my way into the first leg of town, and that leads to here, charging my phone, rehydration, and looking for a place to crash. So today will be over soon, I'm ready for a new day.