Well as you know, I was praying for water, praying for a breeze and praying for rain. Well God answered my prayers this morning. Such a big suprise to be woken up in a puddle, drips on your head and clothing soaked. Guess who forgot to scotch guard his tent. This guy. Anyway I waited until sometime after noon, I'm guessing, my phone was dead as usual. The rain didn't stop, so, knowing I would have to find somewhere to charge.my phone I packed it all up and headed down the road. I found a place pretty quick and had the best orange juice I've ever had in my life a Fiddlehead farm. Met a nice older chap there and he extolled the virtues of gluten free and organic foods. I was so craving chicken nuggets after that by the way. Heck of a nice guy though, the kids working the counter had me stay until my phone was charged and I send a big thank you for that. Once my phone charged I was able to check my voicemails, well there was a message from a chipper sword welding Irishman wondering why I haven't shown up. Watch his show on the Discovery channel it's called "Big Giant Swords" also check him out on youtube and Facebook as MichaelChuthalu greatly entertaining and then you will understand why I had to come all the way to Martha's Vineyard to meet him and interview him for my book. 

That call made me get back out on the bike, in the rain and wind and up hill so I could get there. So I plugged away, felt like ten miles but it was only like 2 or 3 lol but all up hill, against the wind and raining the whole time. My rain poncho shredded within the first hour My shoes were soaked and squishy. Heck everything was wet including my sleeping bag and most of my spare clothes. I made it to the road I was looking for, 1 to meet Mike, and 2 to find the youth hostel. I rode and rode on it and it just kept going, by the time I hit the fire house I was ready to give, so I decided to pull up gps on phone and call the place to find it. Well, I was so pruned from the rain and taking time to take pictures with random people stopping to ask my story my fingerprints were in readable to my phone and I use that to unlock. So I was unable to even call or access anything. So I put on a glove to try to dry my finger out, then got riding again. It seemed like forever and I was ready to just give up and sleep in the rain again but I said 1 more hill, just one more, then the police drove by and honked pointing his finger "never give up" he says everytime he sees me. Anyway, I crested that hill and there it was, the hostel, not as scary as I thought, though I had to climb stairs lol. I was tired that was not fun. Well she told me the rooms were 35 a night and compared to the rest of the island, that was cheap, heck camping is almost 60! When she said that, I staid I would take 3 nights lol. I knew I needed rest and I'm in no hurry, plus Irish mike lives a mile away, and the church is like 2 miles. So perfect central local. So, I got back up to my room got my last 3 dry clothes not matching mind you lol and took a shower and did my tick check. I met a real cool musician named  Bob he was a cool cat. Trying to convert him into a whovian. The front desk lady was already knowing of whovian ways. I ate a half bowl of chicken noodle soup as my appetite is not very good at the moment. Then went to bed to write all this down. So, it is time to turn in and get some needed rest, until morning, the laundry mat I go.