Well, I woke up today I had finally got some rest. I got my things together since they were all wet and got a cab to the laundry mat. It's not cheating, I was brought back to my starting point. Anyway cabs are not cheap I soon found that out. 20 there, 20 back. Ouch. Laundry, 1 load, 15 bucks start to finish. It aint cheap on this island. So on my way back I stopped,at general store for $3 kraft mac n cheese and ground beef and a few other items normally about $15 in Indiana, here however it was $40. I love the island I do, but I have to get off it or I'm going to go broke! But I head out again Thursday. I was headed to see Irish Mike today but a reporter from the Vinyard Gazette called and asked if he could interview me. So I said yes, but reminded him I had only rode like 15 miles lol. He said that's ok it's a start and we want to follow from the beinning. It was pretty fun I got to tell him my story and geek out a bit. So, I will be getting up early to finally catch up with Irish Mike. The great part of the day though was a group of cyclists came to the hostel and made me eat their food so I didn't even have to cook my own dinner. I'm sure tomorrow's blog will be more eventful, but to me in was a great day of talking, relaxing, and meeting new people, and wrapping my mind around this journey.