Yesterday I was finally able to fulfill the reason I came to Martha's Vineyard in the first place. It exceeded my expectations. Mike and his family were exactly as I assumed they would be. Mike the good father, character, and fine artist, was enthusiastic and his sheer joy of doing his art and living his life rubs off on you. His work shows his love for it. Up close his swords were beautiful. Detail was amazing. His knowledge of the craft spot on, and if he doesn't know how to do it, he will rig something up. Our talk was everything from geekdom, travel, local arts, even some background on how things really were compared to the show versions. His wife Amelia and the kids were great and full of energy. Her parents were very nice also. They are exactly what I would expect from the people of the vineyard. Artistic, kind, and a little hippie. 

I would have loved spending a lot more time just hanging out, they were really my kind of people. And Mike was infectious, by the time you are done with him you are bouncing around and talking like him, can't be helped. 

So, for the first adventure on my trip, my first planned goal other than making it up the hill, it will, I'm sure be the most memorable. So if you every want a rockin' sword or huge weapon, or maybe even an decorative wood rack, find Mike aka MichaelCthulhu on youtube or Facebook send him a message and be patient, if you are he can do something amazing for you. If you want quick, then you had better get used to getting junk because it takes time to make a masterpiece. 

Below is a link to a small tour of his shop. 

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