Last night i met a fellow geek. I got to talk wih her for a few hours and was able to share all things whovian with her. I hope we get to talk again. We talked so long the front desknhad to remind us it was quite time at the hostel. So, i went up to bed and went to sleep.

Today I woke up ready to rock, ready to roll. I packed up my gear and started to get dressed for the day. I reached to adjust my necklace holding my most precious belonging on my trip, the symbol of my ultimate goal, as I adjusted the necklace snaps and falls to the floor. The ring, her ring, missing, nowhere to be found. My heart sank. I searched and searched, frantic. Retracing all of steps, my movements, nope. It was gone. I told the people at the hostel, and they came to my rescue to help find the ring. After searching and seraching, we found nothing. I was devistated. I left my info with the wonderful people at the front desk, and went to load my cart. As I preparing to leave I realized I can't find my phone charger. I can't leave without that. So I search and search, nothing, what a day. As I am searching I go through my clothes, one by one I pull them out. As I get to the last item, I hear a clank, it's the ring. My heart jumped for joy. I then immediately remember I put the charger in the pocket of my bag. The Lord made me lose my charger so I could find the ring. So once again my energy shoots up. I'm ready to roll, I set off on the road again. Along the bike path today I met quite a few people and once again they were Martha's best, all super nice, all caring and interested in my story. This island has been a joy. I love it. I see why people come back. I also met a gentleman today who is taking me to weigh in tomorrow and help me with protein drinks for my trip. I'll tell you all about that in tomorrow's blog. 

After riding today I felt tired but proud that I went over 8 miles today. Better everyday. I'm at my campground and ready for my weigh in tomorrow. So for now, it's time for sleep. Night all! Back to the mainland tomorrow.