Well, I have started, I am no longer on the vineyard. I have left the island to start making headway on the trip. 

I left the ferry at Woods Hole after 7pm the other day. Stopped at Jimmy's for a sandwich since all I had ate in days was food I cooked on my camp stove. As I'm finishing my sandwich a news person asked me if I had been to certain places on the island at certain dates, I told her yes, I was at the airport laundry mat, so, on camera she told me, "Were you aware you had been exposed to the measles?" Well of course I told her no... I was not aware. She asked me if I had gotten measles shots as a child and I said well, no idea, I remember getting those types of shots, but I will have to ask my mom. Well, she asked if I was alarmed, and I told her I was more worried about Lyme disease as the island floats on a layer of ticks. She didn't find that funny. But seriously folks, ticks are crazy there. Stay out of the brush and you do ok, but it's a chore to constantly do tick checks let me tell ya. Anyway, I finish up with the news person and start making my way to my campgrounds about 5.5 miles away. Now at this point, I'm still slow as sin and I had already done 3 or 4 miles earlier In the day, so I got to my camp grounds late, too late to get a spot. So, I hunkered down on the steps of the camp office, found a coke machine and charged my gear up while I waited for 8 hours or so. Good start to my trip. I was worn out. Now the good thing is when 8 am rolled around, I was ready for bed, and I got the camp site until 11 am the next day so I got 27 hours out of the deal. Much better value for my money. So I got to my site, set up camp and went to bed, and boy it was hot, so not great rest. But then later that day it started to cool off, then, windy, then really dark, then all hell broke loose. Apparently Irish Mike had called the heavens while brazing his dragons for a new piece, as he brazed the heavens fell, along with rain, and lighting and mighty thunder, the wind was whipping and knocking over trees, all while in my tiny tent. I was lucky I'm heavy because at times I was afraid my tent would blow away with me in it. But what worried me more was my tent ripping, or a few trees would fall on me. As the storm went on, I got an alert on my phone to  watch out for severe thunderstorms.... a Lil late there fellas. Earlier that day I treated my tent with waterproofer thank goodness. So I didn't get too wet, at least not until I crawled out of my tent through the puddles surrounding my tent.  All in all, a little freaky, but I came through ok. So, I cleaned things up started packing my gear so I could get started. Then, I started sweating really bad, and freezing yet burning up at the same time. I started vomiting and felt very woozie and had to lay on my picnic table until I felt decent enough to finish packing, this all started about 10 am, well, I layed there several hours listening to chainsaws and such and finally got up and said, I can't afford another night I have to go. So I got up finished my packing and headed to the trail to leave the camp. When I got there there was a crew of guys removing fallen trees from the path. I had to wait 2 hours until I could leave, if I had known that I would have slept in. 

Once they had cleared the limbs and trees I was finally able to head out. Late in the day again..... So I made my way down the trail until it was too dark to see anymore. I found a little path off the trail and pitched my tent and hoped nobody would run me off, I was ready to sleep as I was sick all day. I finally fell asleep. I woke up about 6 am and packed up pretty quick as to not be discovered by someone that would care about me camping here.

 I spent the day today just taking it slow, little by little down the trail working on updates and charging my gear. I'll be off the bike path tomorrow, and will have to choose a road to get me north until I can head west. There is a bike shop at the end of the trail and I hope they might do me a solid and check my brakes for free as I cannot afford to pay for any work, and maybe guide me to my next stop so I don't get hit by any cars. Maybe someone will see this and feel sorry for me and get me a room at a motel so I can get a uninterrupted night of sleep and a shower or two and can wash my clothes lol doubtful but I can dream. The sea crest beach hotel or the beach rose inn are the closest I see, just saying lol. Anyway, time for bed in an undisclosed location hopefully until morning. More to come and don't forget to share, and visit the support my ride page! I need all the help in can get. Soon I will find a place to get shoes as the ones I am wearing have given themselves extra room from all the flintstoning braking I've been doing because of my brakes. Lol anyway good night all. Your dreams are at the top of the next hill, you just have to get up it one step at a time.