I'm into my journey, I'm at Wareham Massachusetts, home of lots of great people, but, also home to a huge homeless and drug problem. Not all of them are like that, in fact a lot of them are just families that are desperate and have no other choice. But the ones I worry about tonight are the ones I've been warned about by everyone I've  met here, the junkies, the thieves. I got into town late as usual, I really need to work on my timing. See when I get to an area late it's hard to connect with people and find places to camp and sleep that are safe or legal. Being that they have such a problem here, they are very standoffish when it comes to someone like me looking for a place to crash out for the night. When I got here, I met a guy Named Small Paul, had his own place, but not a place I could camp. He was generous and paid for my dinner. Now that happened twice today, once for lunch by a lovely group originally from Ohio, and one some was a priest, the other goes to Notre Dame, very nice people. I met another nice couple too that handed me little bit of cash too that was very nice. I was able to but a folding chair, oh I have missed chairs. Now small Paul was a nice guy too but unable to help me with a place to crash, but he did buy me dinner. Now I have to be careful anyway, and I'm learning, but still pretty new to this. Its days like this I wish I had a support team following me. But that just is not possible at this time. So I'm alone out here looking for a place, a safe place, and I get thinking a lot and parts of me scream "What are you doing? Go home you idiot!"  But I know I'm not going to do that, but it still makes me feel like I'm never going to make it home, or hit my goal, or that I will fail and be a laughing stock and loose what I hold so dear. But, the rest of me tells myself, buck up, you can do this, listen to your song again, look at a picture of why you want to do this so bad, think of the weight you will lose and how your life will change. You can make them all proud, keep fighting. That always comes out on top, but there is always that doubt, that worry that I am just not man enough, not strong enough, then I climb another hill, ride another mile. 

What I would not give for a wekend in a hotel or just a safe place that I can sleep in and not have to sneak out at 7 am or leave at 11. Heck it would be wonderful to sleep as long as I want recharge, and get back out there. Dreams right now they are just dreams but I'll get that, I'll get to that point. I can do this. I can change me, change my situation, and change a small part of the world if I can just keep trucking. One step, one hill, one more mile. I can't wait to get back to Indiana go karaoke with all of you recharge and get back out there for the rest of my journey. I was feeling homeless last night, but someone I love told me, you are not homeless, I am your home. And that meant so much to me. It made my heart sing. Anyway kinda touchy Feely today and I'm sorry, I'm just in a place that is no ideal for my quest and needed to express myself a little. I'll be stronger tomorrow. I promise. I be rolling into Dartmouth before I know it, the on to Philly where I hope to see some friends and loved ones as I run the steps rocky ran. Should be fun! Hopefully somebody will play the Rocky theme and eye of the Tiger as I do it.

 I'm freezing at this point, and I really need to go find a place to crash. So I'm off to find it so I'm signing off for now. 


Goodnight everyone!