I thought I should clarify, 500 miles is my theme song, it keeps me going, I'm not that distance yet, but I will be, eventually. 

I had a great weekend, I got to go to church at the Emanuel Church in Wareham Ma. Great people, and very nice. I even got to attend bible study. It was very uplifting. The pastor and his wife were the best, they fed me a meal and welcomed me into the church. The pastor gave me a lift to the hardware store so I could pick up supplies to repair and modify my trailer, he even loaned me some tools. The pastors wife who is also the music director did my laundry and even took time to have several conversations and even help me route some of my trip. I look forward to visiting again.  


I spent a few days in a motel due to issues at Walmart getting new shoes and to wait out the thunderstorms. That was great, it felt like a 5 star hotel even though it was clearly a negative 1 star lol. It's the little things. I was able to talk to my wife and she was so supportive and give me courage to keep moving forward. My parents have been a tremendous help emotionally and financially. I love them so much they just can't be beat. I'm on the road today, sore from sleeping in a real bed lol. Butt muscles are cramping from a day of no riding, but the will loosen up. Heading to fairhaven and then to Dartmouth. A friend has called ahead to try to find me a safe place to camp. 

I thank everyone for their support financially and verbally. I know it's not cheap making this trip, but when finished it w'll change my life and help me to become healthy. I hope to change other lives in the process too. My shakeology has been a great help, so make,sure you check that stuff out. It helps give me the nutrients to carry on. Charles River Apparel in FALMOUTH  has contacted me and are sending me rain gear and a donation to help me along the way. I can't wait to not be soaked anymore.

Please stop by my support the ride page. I need all the help I can get.  

I leave you with the song that inspires me and inspired the trip.  Enjoy and get inspired yourself.