Hiya folks, been a little bit. I had issues with my laptop and made it hard to get an entry in. So first off, I need to say a few things.

About Angie, my wife, you seem to misunderstand the situation, and have painted her in a bad light on the internet. So, I want to correct you. Actually, need to, because you are hurting the love of my life because you can't be bothered to read all the posts, or you see a news story and only hear a snippet of what is going on.

My wife and I separated last July for many reasons, money, issues at home etc. both of us were pains in the rear. I was a slob, borderline hoarder that was so over weight and unhealthy, I could not hold or get a job. I tried but, It would just not happen. So instead of working to get healthy, I tried to start businesses at the cost of my parents and eventually my father n law. I got sicker, grew depressed, kept secrets about money and kept things from her. I tried, but not as hard as I should. I should have tried to get healthy but I didn't, I sat there and did nothing. I just let life slip by. I had issues, it was really hard to be my wife let me tell you. I tried to tell myself I was doing my best, but I wasn't. I still did stupid things and made messes and wore shoes inside and spilled drinks etc, etc.

She put up with me forever. Then we started dealing with her families bar, which i had talked my father n law to buy on the cheap. yeah I screwed that up too. I really tried, but my pride stopped me from asking for the help I needed, I loved my wife very much and didn't want her to know how bad a screw up I was, so I left things out. it tore me up. Sure she had issues too, but what people don't? She let me be a jerk for a long time But when it got too much to bear, is when I got lazy and obnoxious, and stopped caring about my looks and health, she had enough, I mean she gave me many chances for straightening up. I didn't. So finally she felt she had to end it to save herself from more heartache and from being a widow again. She needed to protect herself. And I needed that wake up call. So when I moved out we saw other people, we searched for our souls our lives, our motivations. I found my drive, my trip, my chance to change my future, to build my life back and be the man she married. To show her how much I love her, that I would cross any mountain, overcome anything. I told her my plan to win her back. But as I was always a dreamer, it was looked at as an story. 

Well, I started what I said I would do, I left I went on my trip, two weeks in, she realized I had gone. She said, "you are really on the Vineyard? " I said  "yeah, I told you I had to change my life to change my future and build to prove that I really adore you." She said that was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done. So that day I had my Angie back, but, I still had to do the work I promised unlike time in and time out in the past. So our relationship grew again, we found each other, we found our love. She came to visit me and it was the best time of my life. As as she went back home after the visit I dreamed of the day I would reach my goal and be able to come back home to her and hold her again. So I fought, and I rode where I got to Tiverton RI where my world came crashing, or so I thought. Long story short, I fight for my wife out of love. We all have our issues. Most of mine can be solved by losing weight and finding my soul again. But every day followers rip it out again and again by calling my wife names and saying things that are not nice because they are jerks. I was not left because I was fat, it was because I was a jerk and lazy. But I am fighting to change that. We are together again, long before things blew up. She was with me before all of his happened. She came back because I worked my ass off and showed her how much I loved her. So stop your guessing games and blame game because I love this woman and you are hurting my WIFE.  You were too lazy to read all of my posts. So give her a break and put blame where blame is due.

If I  see any comments like that here, I'm gonna be ticked. I just want to ride and get to cali, and be with my wife.

My wife will be joining me soon so my life will be complete again and we can heal together. 

More to come but I need rest tonight.