Well, im trying to catch up a little and get us current. After my repair of my rims from my post from earlier, I made my way to New Bedford. As I crossed the bridge I went along the sidewalk along with traffic. Got all the way to the end and it was a dead end other than stairs heading down. Oops. So I peddled back and got across the road at the now closed gas station. I made my way down the sidewalk and came out at the pier. What a beautiful area. I took in some of the sites and started riding up the cobblestone. I took a break outside the whaling museum. Watched some folks taking pictures with the whale tale sculpture. I then started to make my way to where I thought Yesteryear Cyclery was, well, I mapped it wrong and it was not where expected. Which was bad for me as I was turning the corner my front rim went wonky, and I mean bad. Pictures of that incident are on instagram. Anyway I tried to make some calls but had no luck at all. I could not ride. So I drug my bike and trailer down the road until I found a bench. There I thought for a while. So I took off my front rim and started smacking it on the ground, it actually started to straighten. After some work I managed to get it straight enough to roll again! Woot woot! 

On the road again I made my way down state road 6 and I rolled into Dartmouth. Nice place, cops stopped by again, a kind soul saw me sitting on a curb and thought they should call them because I MUST be having a heart attack lol. Anyway I told them I was just taking a break. I started up the hill and down the road where it started to get dark. My battery was low, so I stopped in a Dunkin Donuts and got me a bottle not water and a poweraide. Not donuts, I don't usually ever eat there. Just rehydrate and charge, I mean, free wifi and power, and a bathroom. It's a great thing. 

After I left and was charged I found a church nearby and camped in the back. I knew my parents an my wife were on the way to visit me so I was very excited. That night, my tent was stalked by a strange animal, not a coyote, not a dog, not a fox. It had a big bushy long tail, it sounded like it was trying to clear a hairball, but bark too. I also hear strange screams in the woods. It did not want me there, so I zipped up my tent and tried to ignore it. I survived the night by rest was sketchy. So I packed my gear again and got back out on the road knowing wife and parents would be meeting me about 7 miles UP the road. But I will tell you about that visit tomorrow! Now, it's time to sleep. We will get caught up soon, I promise. And I will keep moving forward no matter what. I may hang out a few days in some places, by my eyes are on the prize. I'll get there.