On the road to Dartmouth I'm getting there, I should make it to the trail that leads to New Bedford late tomorrow. From there it will put me on a direct path to Dartmouth. I look forward to Planet Fitness, I get a shower, and a massage, yay! I will also hit Walmart and Dicks Sporting Goods, my cousin Jerry is getting me a real tent that will actually keep me dry. 

Yesterday I met some great people at the pawn shop,  Gateway Gold and Pawn, they invited me in for pizza and a cold drink, unfortunately they didn't have any acoustic guitars, bummer. They were very nice folks, hopefully I'll get back there someday. The night before I met some young gentlemen at Golf Shots Driving Range and they let me camp out back. I had a great conversation with them. I also met a cyclist that told me more about stealth camping and differnt types of foods to get for the road that take less room. Really cool guy and I wish him luck on his trip.

Now one of my sponsors Barry, of Charles River Apparel out of Falmouth Massachusetts told me to check in with Soft as a Grape screen printing, well I found them, but no one was there so I popped up my tent and spent the night, the next day, which is today the 4th of July Independence day, they were here bright and early gave me coffee and a great conversation and said I could stay overnight to beat the rain and the possible heavy traffic due to the holiday, they even let me pick out a hat. They said I could crab a few things else but I didn't want to be greedy So I was happy with a hat, who knows maybe we can get some fat guy across america shirts and hats made there. So I'm in my tent, preparing for the ride tomorrow, I am going to try to break 10 miles plus tomorrow. I reorganized my gear again into consolidated containers to speed things up. So maybe I can get an early start. 

So folks, get out there, ride a bike, walk a mile, exercise, we can change the world together, and feel free to mass email and call the discovery  channel, ellen, and the travel channel, on my behalf lol. 

Night folks, going to hit the sak early. 

Almost forgot, I challenged my brothers at the man cave to pull a 300 pound cart 5 miles on their bicycles, let see if any of them do it! And everyone thank you for your donations, they really do help me get by during my learning stages. I can ride so much farther now without stopping for air or to get my legs to stop burning, I'll be getting good milage in no time!