I'm not exactly a qualifier for the Tour de France yet but here's my progress thus far!  Even with some side trips and weather delays, I'm feeling pretty proud of my progress and I know that I'm getting better with each mile and each day.

A friend of mine says that whatever I do, as long as I do something, its progress.  So here's to progress!

Well here I am in New Bedford and I've already met a wealth of new friends!  I really hope to keep in touch with all of you guys along this whole journey and beyond!  The sense of community and giving that I've experienced from some great Massachusetts residents is absolutely humbling!  Even through just handing me a bottle of water is such an amazing gesture of support!  What I really appreciate is that you guys have just taken the time to chat.  It's true, I'm doing this alone, but not once have I been lonely.

So I may not be out of Massachusetts yet, the time will soon come.  So let your friends and family to the West know I'm coming and to wave at FatGuyAcrossAmerica as he passes!

Again, thank you so much!