So, I went and visited a great resturaunt on July 5th it was called the Gateway Tavern, I had their pupu platter, wings, mozz sticks, boneless wings and tater skins, it was very good, for my main I had Kobe Beef burger for the first time, it was a good burger you need to try one sometime. For dessert I had a cappuccino and a lemon berry mascarpone cake. It was fire let me tell you. The atmosphere was great and it really filled me up. I had enough left over for dinner later that night. Someday I will have to go back. And the waitress was great, take care of waitresses there they will treat you right.

so after the good god I headed out, rode a good while made it to Marion just plugging away. Found a place behind the Baptist church there, now, my zipper busted on my rain screen and my screen door. I had to try to sew it closed, and my needle broke too. Soni managed to closet it with carpet tape, it worked ok. Made it to bed though, that was good. 

So, I got up, headed out of town, it was a hot one, so I stopped at Dunkin Donuts to coffee up and charge all my gear. Thank goodness for DD. While I was there I met a cool guy that works at a bariatric center and we had a nice conversation we took a pic and he posted it on my page. As I was outside doing work on my bike a really cool guy came up asking about what I was doing. After out talk he went in for his DD and came back with some energy water for me. I keep.meeting really nice folks. 

I headed back down the road, stopped at a bar, got a cold water met a 91 year old woman that owned the bar, she likes to have jazz bands there it was an interesting bar for sure.

As made it down the road, I was looking for a place to crash, riding and riding no luck, so I just kept pushing until late into the night, and I was able to reach the bike path, meaning I was getting close to new bedford. Woot woot. So I just tossed my tent on the side of the path, doctored my tent again as its falling apart, this time though I found out a pole broke. Yay another problem lol so I taped it up and made it work. So I'm in the tent, sliding down the hill, as there was no flat land, unable to sleep, finally early in the morning I start to doze off. I finally fall asleep and then I hear "can you please step out of the tent. Looks like you have set up a home here eh?" Well, it was the police. So I crawl out of the tent with my ID and try to speak coherently as I was very tired and had to get my mouth and mind working. So I manage to tell my story and get it across. They were much happier after that and told me to go back to sleep. Well, they took off and it was too late, I wasn't going to sleep. So I packed up and headed down the path. I make it down a mile, I'm exausted. My back hurts, my ankle is swollen. I look at my map and see a really cheap motel only .03 miles from where I was. So I decided it was a sign, so I got things arranged and headed up the road to check in. And that was a start to the rough day.

I make it to where the gps told me to go to be at the motel. It was not there. My phone is almost dead, so I figure it's got to me right down the road, so I keep heading forward.

I see a few guys and I ask them where the motel is, they tell me 1 mile, I say heck I'm tired, but I can do that. So I head forward on rt 6. Nope, no motel, so I ask somewhere else, they tell me it's 1.5 miles still. I keep riding. Still no motel lol. I stop in to get a drink and ask another person they say it's another mile. I say that seems to be a reoccurring theme. But, I head out, so far I had ridden 5 miles instead of .03. No motel yet. 

I pull over to take a breather and charge my phone as it had just died. I reach for my bag, I am so worn out by this point. Anyway, the bag was not there. My eyes got big, my life flashed before my eyes. All my charging gear, some of my meds, and the love of my life's my wifes engagement ring, yep the same ring I lost before.  My heart was broken. But I wasn't going to give up. I turned right back around and started back up hill and retraced 2 of the miles I just covered. I saw a flower nursury, so I stopped in and asked if they could call the police to see if anyone had turned the bag in. Apparently I looked really really rough, as I was waiting the cops and the ambulance showed up. Lol so the officer took off to look for my bag, and the ambulance guys made me get in and get vitals. So embarrassed. But the gave me water and cooled me down until I spoke English properly again really nice guys at Fairhaven fire dept and ems. As we were chilling in the ambulance the officer returned, no bag, I was freaking out. She told me where she looked and I told her where I had been, so she agreed to go back out. After a while she returned, bag In hand, she found it almost at the beginning of where I started, out of her jurisdiction. I was so thankful, she was the bomb. She saved me soul, my life and saved me from telling my wife I lost the ring, because I was supposed to have sent it home already. Her name was Officer Cannon. She rocks let tell you. So they cut me loose and told me to get to that motel and get a rest.

I peddled down the road, covered that 2 miles again, stopped at a DD got a cold drink and set back out, less than a half mile away was my destination, even a walmart. But, my bike was acting weird. All wobbly. But made it. I was at the motel. I got checked in and cooled off. I checked my bike, both rims all kinds of wibbly wobbly not good at all. So, I called my wife and told her the story. She said I can never pick on her for losing her ring again because I had caught up to her. But she was proud of what I am doing and it made me feel so accomplished. My cousin Jerry sent me what I needed to get a new tent, I got dinner and went to bed. 

Today, I stayed at the hotel due to storms tonight and trying to repair my rims, that's not working out too well, im going to try to work something out with a bike shop in the morning. So wish me luck, I hope I can fix them. 

So you know, my coach will be managing my page adding my pics and such, sometimes he will update a few things in the journal but will make sure he signs it as coach Chad Ryg so you will not be confused. He is working on updating maps and stuff for me so you know exactly where I am and how I'm doing if I'm slacking. 

If all works out, I will get to see my parents and my wife in a few days, I can't tell you how excited I am. It's going to be such a mental boost for me. So excited. Anyway, if you see Fairhaven, Police, emt, or Firemen, give them a handshake, high 5, fist bump, or even coffee and tell them how great they are. On my trip I have met a bunch of police and other service people, and they have all so far been great! So a salute to them!