Well, here is a catch up, things have been crazy, I haven't abandoned the site or the ride, it has just become more complicated in my life. With all the media attention, it made it really hard to make progress, there was the week I was in Tiverton when I waited for the delivery of the bike from Newport Bicycle and it is a great bike, it's a GT with downhill rims and street tires. I got taken out on the Saturday that following week and rode with a group and on my first go without my trailer I was able to get 5 miles in one hour. I was shocked. That trailer was a major hold back. 

I got a lot of advice from cyclists around ther world, so when I rode into Middletown RI I took the time to plan, and regear. I also trained on my new bicycle so I could handle it much safer. I got a lot more organized and tried to squeeze in all the media that week so I could concentrate on riding more. So after a week of doing that I flew my wife in and got her a bicycle and geared up then rode around Newport RI to get her ready, my goal was to also cover the miles I would lose with the ride across the 2 bridges I was not allowed to ride on. 

On our first day out together I got almost 9 miles. At the 9th mile my cart fell apart never to roll again. It was done. So we went and bought two, trailers, our new friend Sharon took us to Walmart so I could buy a pair to split the load. The next day we headed out and went to bike shop to modify for trailers and get my brakes adjusted. By the end of the day we rode over 12 miles and made is to Charlestown with fellow riders Sharon and Kathleen. We stayed in a little hotel that night called Phil and Anns. 

We had to stay another night due to storms then rolled out the next morning, about 2 miles into the ride Angie my wife passed out from the heat and got taken to the er and treated for heatstroke and a panic attack. The doctor suggested a few days rest for her. She later announced to the world about her agoraphobia and anxiety disorder and her battles to overcome, which made her a hero in my book for even trying. But I knew we had to figure out something. At this point of her riding she is very new and afraid of cars. So we decided for safety and to speed me up to find a support car she could drive while I rode. She would be able to haul the gear and I could make real distance without the trailers. So we started making calls and had to move down the street to the General Staunton inn. Nice little place, even got to watch the groundhogs. As we were waiting on the car for her we headed up to the Cove to sing karaoke and relieve our stress. It was a really fun night. We then left for Burlingame State park where is it much much cheaper. And we have been riding every day to train a d even swimming and working on this car it's slow going. Hoping get it soon we have a few leads and we hope to get it very very soon. I want to get 25 miles in 1 day so bad, and I think I can do it without a trailer. 

The media a some local people are setting up a big deal for when I cross into CT and I hope to give them a day we are crossing to day or tomorrow. And we hope the car comes in because Angie is just not ready to haul a trailer. It also looks like bad weather rolling in too. Delays everywhere, but I won't give up. Don't forget to check out FatguyacrossAmerica on Facebook because that is where I do my daily updates. Here, I write my journal which is not daily and you can keep better track of my location and activities there. Thank you so much for your patience and I won't let you down.