What a week i had.

Over the last few weeks it's been harder and harder to get around. I would walk a few steps and I felt like I had biked all day. I would have to take a lot of breaks. I wasnt sleeping well, I was foggy in my head. It took so much effort to do anything. It got to a point I could barely ride a mile. I knew i had gained weight and I was thinking "how could I be back to where I was 2 years ago physically even though I ate better, exercised regularly, and changed a lot in my life?" I was worried and thought to myself I have to get on the ball I have to get out there and bust my rear until I felt like I did a year ago. I can't let this happen to me.

I've been putting in a lot of work restoring the RV lately. More cosmetic things and some upgrades I decided to do since I had a little more time than expected before heading back out. (Hopefully At the end of August maybe September fingers crossed)
They rv is looking great by the way, I can't wait to show the work my dad and I have been doing, but anyway, earlier this week I had been working on the exterior of the rv, and I am worn out, it's hot, my muscles feel like I've just finished a 30 mile ride. I go inside to cool down and as I'm in the kitchen, I get really weak and pass out. BAM! I'm on the floor looking up at the ceiling. I have no idea what's up. I manage to get back to my feet and go sit for a bit. My wife and my mom come in and I tell them what happened. They are not happy with me. They send me to the Dr.  

While at the doctor I tell them what's wrong, they do an EKG. My wife tells them about my slurred speech and my excessive swelling in my legs. They tell me my EKG is funky but my blood work and physical exam is all on point, but they want me to have a stress test. So they set me up with an appointment to see a heart specialist later that week, but suggest I go to Methodist Hospital to get it done sooner. So they cut me loose and I head home. The next day, I wake up and the world is spinning I go to the bathroom and I have blood in my urine and pain. This kinda freaks me out so my wife drags me to Methodist. They check me out yelling at me saying I'm obese and it's a heart problem, it's my sleep apnea since I don't use a mask, and I'm a smoker. I'm going to die and I need a stress test. The EKG comes out a little off again but all other tests come out ok. They Do a Ct scan and no stroke. Run a few other tests and no heart problems they could see without a stress test. So they offer to give me a stress test and admit me. So I tell them I have one scheduled for the next day. So they cut me loose. I go home, ordered to rest until a heart doctor releases me. I go to my heart doctor to get the stress test and all it was is a exam to decide what kind of test to give me. Grrr! So no test until the 25th. So I go home. I tell my wife and my mom, my mom is an RN btw. They are not happy about the wait. So that night I take my meds as usual. As I'm taking them I think back to a question by one of my doctors. They asked, has anything changed recently, and it hits me. I just started a different muscle relaxer, cyclobenzeprene. I look it up and I'm hit with the side effects. Most of my problems are on that list. I've been taking the new med for a little over 2 weeks, could that be it? So the next morning I wake of feeling like crap still peeing blood, no energy, worn out, head spinning, world's  foggy, swollen like crazy. So they send me back to Methodist, they want me to get checked for kidney stones and a stress test. So I'm back in the emergency room in the hallway in a bed. They parked me in front of the door button so my wife has to push the button for like 7 hours so people don't have to lay down over me to hit the button since most people forget the doors work manually too. Anyway same story, I'm fat, I smoke, sleep apnea, blah blah. They keep saying, "so I hear you are short of breath" and every time I tell the. No! I'm not, I just feel worn out and worn down and the rest of my symptoms. I also tell them about the new meds and my thoughts on it. They don't really listen. They admit me, I'm there all day and all night I'm not allowed to drink anything or eat anything. I was so dry and grumpy.  I also find out i am right back where I started my journey at 567. Not happy to begin with And  now even more hangry because I knew I had to loose that all again, asap. Anyway the next morning they get me in the room for an echo and the chemical stress test. They are having a hard time with the echo because, fat ya know. Anyway, the doctor said the test will be useless but do it anyway and they will do a heart Cath later that day because a guy that fat is gonna have problems. So we start the test and I freak a bit because my heart is jumping and it's making me panic and feel like I would vomit as a guy is pressing a wand as hard as he can against me so, they stop the test and end the EKG or whatever the stress test thing is called. They bring me down with the meds and I calm down only to be told again I will be scheduled for a Cath and most likely get an angioplasty because hey, I'm a fat smoker. They get me back to my room and shortly after 2 cardiologists come in and say, "so, we heard you are out of breath" I say not for god sakes no and I keep telling everyone that. So they said start from the beginning, so I tell them all of it. After our talk they go to check out all my test results and everything i told them and soon return. They told me I do not need a stress test. They said all my tests show no sign of heart problems it shows I'm pretty healthy actually and I should stop my muscle relaxer asap as the side effects are making my life hell. They said I most likely passed a stone and tore as it came out.  They told me to rest this week no exercising, yard work etc. They then say go ride that bike and they hope to see me in California because they cleared me to continue since all my labs were so remarkably good. My EKG and stress test that they did showed a healthy heart. They said get out there and get it done. They were confident and so am i that the weight will come off again as I ramp up my riding over the next few weeks. So I am excited to have found the reason why I've felt so crappy and happy that my heart is ready to continue. More updates soon! I will keep you posted and I will be posting to Strava when my rest period per my cardiologist is over.