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Wishing I was at the gym

Hi folks! Well, I had to work today, had to be there at 9 am. Pretty early for me. I worked my shift kept busy and my dogs were barking. But i was ready to go work out after work. Well, that didn't happen. Another employee called in, so, as I am saving money for the trip I took the shift. I was supposed to work until 8pm. Yeah I ended up getting out of that place at almost 11pm. As I said my dogs were barking. I still wanted to go to the gym. I feel bad, I didn't go. My dad said I should just go in the morning since I had the day off tomorrow and not kill myself working 2 shifts and then working out and risk falling asleep at the wheel coming home. I am glad I listened. I am so sleepy, trying to stay awake typing this, but I didn't want to miss a day on my journal, so I am here doing my duty and keeping you informed. That being said, I'm going to bed. I'm gonna listen to Adam Savage talk tech on Youtube on his show "Tested" and auto play it and let that help me sleep. you should check out "Tested" take a look at their channel you get to geek out like I like to do! Well good night all. Here is a link to "Tested"