Hitting the road.

starting a day late to my start point, but I had to make sure I had all my meds. So I'm on the road now! 

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Great day at the gym

I got to work out today. It was great. I managed to do all the equipment and do both upper and lower in one visit to the gym. Now, I ran out of time and was unable to get the hydro massage, bummer, but thats ok. I got to do the important part. I almost had to skip the gym, someone I love dearly was in a car accident and I found out on the way to the gym. I was frantically trying to find out if she was ok. I did find out and she just had a few cuts and bruises. Car was totaled but she is ok just banged up a little. So i went ahead and worked out as this is what she would encourage me to do. I work hard on my change and my project every day so that I can get back someone I lost and things i've lost. I will make this happen. I thank you all for your continuing cheering and support. I hope that when I return after this trip we can have a huge party to celebrate the event. 

Anyway, off to bed, get ready to work in the morning and then hit the gym again. I hope my luck is changing its been horrible for a long time. Maybe i'm making my own luck now. I guess we will see. 

If you know my muse, my love, the person I am working so hard for, tell her I need her, and I love her, and I am going to act out the scene from "An Officer and a Gentleman" when I come a calling after this trip. 

Wishing I was at the gym

Hi folks! Well, I had to work today, had to be there at 9 am. Pretty early for me. I worked my shift kept busy and my dogs were barking. But i was ready to go work out after work. Well, that didn't happen. Another employee called in, so, as I am saving money for the trip I took the shift. I was supposed to work until 8pm. Yeah I ended up getting out of that place at almost 11pm. As I said my dogs were barking. I still wanted to go to the gym. I feel bad, I didn't go. My dad said I should just go in the morning since I had the day off tomorrow and not kill myself working 2 shifts and then working out and risk falling asleep at the wheel coming home. I am glad I listened. I am so sleepy, trying to stay awake typing this, but I didn't want to miss a day on my journal, so I am here doing my duty and keeping you informed. That being said, I'm going to bed. I'm gonna listen to Adam Savage talk tech on Youtube on his show "Tested" and auto play it and let that help me sleep. you should check out "Tested" take a look at their channel you get to geek out like I like to do! Well good night all. Here is a link to "Tested"


Day 3 Feeling the Burn

Well feeling the burn today, but its mostly in my feet lol. They feel so bad, I think I need better shoes for my workouts. My body is a little sore but not bad considering so I am not complaining at all. But my feet, they are on fire. 

Anyway, gonna buy a bike thats a bit beefier for me as I weigh 550 pounds, the bike I have now, the tires will go flat as soon as I hit a bump. I'm getting a cheapo, and I am going to try to upgrade it with some of the parts of the bike I have now. We shall see. I wish I could afford a really good bike, but that just isnt going to happen at this point. I may be leaving on a bike and a dream but I will get it done. If I ride through your town, maybe you can buy me lunch after I hose down.


 See you tomorrow, back to working out. Today I was told I should rest as I needed to give my muscles time to rest if I want to build them quicker. I feel lazy doing it for its for my own good. 

Day 2 Planet Fitness

Weather a bit cool today as I wake up. I'm amazed i didn't wake up sore as all get out, but I woke up pretty loose and feeling great! I don't get it, other days when I have done physical things I was sore for days and didn't want to do a thing, but after two days of working out i'm feeling refreshed and wonderful. I think I am gonna be able to do this. I am gonna ride this ride and show them all what I can do. I hope people join me on this ride, but if not I don't mind going it alone. I'm slowly hitting my goals and I am going to keep hitting them. I have my muse and I will show her what kind of man I am. Now I am going to listen to my theme song which I will link below with a Whovian twist and head to bed. I have a long day tomorrow. 

New Page up and running

So, new page up and running, and my first day at the gym! It was great. I got a good workout first one in a long long time. I was amazed, I felt better leaving than when I went in. They were very nice at planet fitness and hooked me up on the Hydro Massage table and the Massage chair to finish my day out. I came out of there worn out for sure, but I felt lighter and energized, something I have not felt in a long time and I plan to do it again tomorrow. Also, i found out that the "Red Light Therapy" isn't what I thought it was. Planet Fitness should probably rethink that room title since it is next to the massage area. 

Anyway, see ya tomorrow!!


Before Workout

Before Workout

After workout

After workout