Eric Hites is an artist and writer living in Danville Indiana. Over the years he has gained weight and let life get away from him. He has come to a time in his life he has to decide if he will make changes and improve his health, love, and life. He likes to do big things, and make his family proud. Most of all he wants to show the love of his life, that he will be around for the long haul, to be there when they are old, and to prove by actions instead of words in a big way that his love has no bounds. He has to show her and the world what he can do. 

This ride will launch the rest of his life in the direction needed to be successful and healthy. While he is at it he will share this trip with the world through video, journal entries, and images so that the world can follow along on his journey and share in his triumphs and failures until he completes the ride. When the ride is over he will compile a book about his experiences and the people he meets along the way. This will be his defining moment, and hopefully forgiveness and a new solid start on the life he longs for.